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Zion Train - Illuminate *Pre-Order

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Artist Zion Train
Numer katalogowy WWLP060
Format LP
Label Universal Egg
Category Reggae / DubMuzykaPre-order

Product description

Przedsprzedaż. Planowana wysyłka 20 czerwca.

This release represents the first original Zion Train album in 5 years and features 9 vocalists alongside the extremely talented musicians. Vocalists include Cara, Michel Grena, Prince Jamo and Rider Shafique whilst amongst the musicians are such luminaries as Paolo Baldini, Don Fe and Gianni Denitto.

Zion Train are working alongside the Stop Ecocide and Extinction Rebellion campaigns with the release of this music to help attempts to build a brighter future for our planet - to this end they are reprinting the Leap Manifesto authored by Naomi Klein and friends with this release. 


1. We Shall Rise

2. Politirx

3. Watch Where

4. Justified Silence

5. Biorhythm

6. Cultural Memories

7. Fateshifter (OHIOF)

8. Unity

9. Don't Forget

10. No Peace

11. Political Friction

12. Journey To A Collective Illusion

13. On Bidston Hill

Track list

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Zion Train - Illuminate