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Ricky Force - Ecstasy / Firehouse Dub

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Artist Ricky Force
Numer katalogowy ABS12012
Format 12"
Label Absys
Category MuzykaDrum & Bass / Jungle

Product description

Here we are with our 12th vinyl release. We're really proud of our back catalogue, and even prouder to be able to add more to it. And what better way to expand our portfolio than by inviting yet another exciting artist to join our 12" club. And this artist is Ricky Force - a man who's seen it all in the more breakbeat-oriented face of drum & bass, pushing his trademark intricate percussion programming since 1999, releasing quality music on labels such as Reinforced, Repertoire, Omni Music, Pinecone Moonshine, DSCI4 or 117, and now finding home with us. 

Without further ado, here's Ricky Force and his latest single - a pair of not your usual 170-BPM masterpieces leaning heavier towards roots vibes, jungle, halfstep, and dub (Ricky's from DUBlin, so it makes total sense). "Ecstasy" starts with a looped vocal bit that leads the listener on towards a thick bush overgrown with full-bodied kicks, sharp, frantic breaks, and a bassline composed of massively booming bits that are bound to keep you on your toes, especially if you have the chance to enjoy it on some proper soundsystem. 

"Firehouse Dub" is, in turn, a solid halfstepper strongly rooted in jungle revivalism. It marches slowly and steadily, unfolding some interesting stories on the way - a series of thickly-arranged broken beats, a pack of blares, some vocal bits here and there. Put together, they create an amazing mixture of classic sounds organized up to modern-day standards with surgical precision only Ricky Force is capable of. A true feast for all those into the less polished and more true-school shades of drum & bass.

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Ricky Force - Ecstasy / Firehouse Dub