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Mesck - ENV020

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Artist Mesck
Numer katalogowy ENV020
Format 12"
Label Encrypted Audio
Category MuzykaDubstep / Grime / Bass Music

Product description

For the label to finally reach its 20th catalogue number is a seminal moment. To reach it with the original logo designer for Encrypted Audio and all round top gent is an even greater honour.

Mesck has a slew of releases on friends and family labels such as Chestplate & Crucial Recordings but with this release we wanted to create the feeling that no side was an A. Knowing Zach's style he did not let us down.

As we are referring to this release The Double Header..... 'Locust March' testament to the commanding way Mesck uses percussion and synth tones in a controlled fashion to create anticipation in the way they are used. In a track dominated and driven by a raw sub and mid punch combination that Mesck knows all so well. Joined by the equally amazing 'Fugazi'... There is no other way to describe this piece of art than EPIC.

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Mesck - ENV020