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Antagonist - Shui / Escapism *Pre-Order

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Artist Antagonist
Numer katalogowy SMDE14
Format 12"
Label Samurai Music
Category MuzykaDrum & Bass / JunglePre-order

Product description

Przedsprzedaż. Planowana wysyłka 20 marca.

Samurai Music kicks off 2020 with the debut Samurai 12” from another of Manchester’s rising talents - Antagonist. Mike has already joined the Samurai family with his notable contributions to the Hannya and Decade compilations, but here he claims his own catalog number with 2 crucial slices of deep, gritty half time. Spending years honing his craft to perfect an individual approach that is built to last, Shui and Escapism both see Mike matching razor sharp beat edits with ice cold menace. Shui revels in creeping, spiralling paranoia while Escapism steps loaded with call and response style break play.

Cena: 55,00zł
Antagonist - Shui / Escapism