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Alix Perez - Phantonym EP

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Artist Alix Perez
Numer katalogowy ONEF020
Format 12"
Label 1985 Music
Category MuzykaDrum & Bass / JunglePre-order

Product description

Next up we have a new dnb EP from label head Alix Perez - the Phantonym EP. One can really hear the many years experience and influences that have helped shape this masterpiece. It is beautifully complete, and is undoubtedly some of his best work to date. This is jungle/drum&bass in its truest unfiltered form.

This EP covers the whole spectrum from signature Perez soulful dnb (SWRV qand Vibrations), to gritty bubblers (Trinity), and finally the harder minimal percussive dnb he is renowned for (Phantonym). Mature, concise, and graceful dnb at its best.

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Alix Perez - Phantonym EP