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Truth - Subchaser

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Artist Truth
Numer katalogowy MEDI114
Format 12"
Label Deep Medi Musik
Category MuzykaDubstep / Grime / Bass Music

Product description

This EP is something special. The title tune was created together in Los Angeles right before we headed off to Shambhala and then Outlook Festival... two of our most favourite events of the year, so we were able to test it out when it was brand new and fresh. Tui is a collaboration with NZ Legend Tiki Taane, who plays a bunch of traditional pacific instruments on the track. Shadow Samurai is creepy, dark and melodic, and it's got the funk. Releasing music with DEEP MEDi is like returning home." Tristan, Truth 2020 Digital: 18th September 2020 Vinyl: 25th September 2020 (MEDi114)...

Track list

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Truth - Subchaser