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Versa / Orson / Akcept - MHVA1 *Pre-Order

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Artist Versa / Orson / Akcept
Numer katalogowy MHVA1
Format 12"
Label Modern Hypnosis
Category Reggae / DubMuzykaDubstep / Grime / Bass MusicTechno / Dub TechnoPre-order

Product description

Przedsprzedaż. Planowana wysyłka 20 grudnia.

Part one of a four part series, bringing artists from different musical hubs on this planet, onto the one record. To make the connections far between, closer together. Bristol, Berlin & Christchurch - Part one. Inspiring Modern Hypnosis, these three Artists and their established musical endeavours have laid path to our own make up and ethos - chur.

Track list

Cena: 55,00zł
Versa / Orson / Akcept - MHVA1