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Digital - Strictly DNB / Time Out *Pre-Order

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Artist Digital
Numer katalogowy FUNC043
Format 12"
Label Function
Category MuzykaDrum & Bass / Jungle

Product description

Przedsprzedaż. Planowana wysyłka 20 czerwca.

The title track sets the pace, leading with hard filtered breaks merged with classic reggae undertones. When you hear the words ‘Strictly Drum and Bass!’ you’re launched in to a wave of hard hitting 808’s and speaker rattling layers of sub bass. Strictly DNB is a relentless example of jungle, and without doubt, a classic Digital anthem.

Time Out in contrast rolls at a steadier pace and has all the feeling of a soulful and authentic Dub track. Note... If your bass bins aren't ready for this they're gonna get mash up!

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Digital - Strictly DNB / Time Out