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Aural Imbalance - Nine Tease EP

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Artist Aural Imbalance
Numer katalogowy ASP001
Format 12"
Label As Shadows Pass
Category MuzykaDrum & Bass / Jungle

Product description

As Shadows Pass as the name suggests, reflects on a sound that has been around for years yet not prevalent in the present era. Shadows move and alter over time but their essence remains the same; as it is with the direction of ASP and the philosophy of the music it represents.

As Shadows Pass was implemented by Aural Imbalance & his team with one purpose. Release forward thinking, deeper D&B with an ear on the future - while keeping another on the heady sounds of days gone by.

The emphasis of ASP is to give our core Producers from the deeper sound of D&B a platform on which they can express themselves, without the fear of having to compromise on the depth & intellect of their Art.

As Shadows Pass believe this hand-picked selection of Artists have what it takes to bring the vision of the label to fruition. With that said we can now proudly present the NineTeaseEP by Aural Imbalance.

Nine Tease nods back to the days of 90’s Atmospheric D&B. Heavy rolling beats that have you shaking with delight at their infectious quality. The main riff has an uplifting summer vibe with a kiss of sunshine. Full on flashback retro feels with a modern twist - spacey pads & detailed fx that ebb and flow throughout, managing to capture those golden age moments yet still feeling fresh and relevant.

Spiral Divide - Pure spaced out bliss, yet with bags of energy in all the right places. The flow comes straight from your favourite sci-fi world where gadgets and machines are king. Warm lush pads fill the palate, supported by a cast of delicate synths & FX that drift into the psyche with hypnotic effect. The beats are crisp modern rolling little beasts, shuffling a merry dance along those pathways of the mind, all bottomed off with that soul shifting analogue bass.

Alpha Protocol Continuing into the depths, this moody, broody little number has a colder yet more immediate presence. The soundscape has an almost clinical feeling that grabs you by the balls then drags you in an otherworldly direction. Rolling, filtered snares & shuffles are connected to crisp hats - solid kicks have a controlled frenzy about them. An oscillating bass evolves through the track, rising and falling through filtrated cycles creating whirlwind acoustics.

For all those who are already fans of the AI sound then this is a complete no brainer exercise - Splash the Cash to get his work on wax. For those new to his sound, this is a perfect introduction. Don’t Sleep.

Track list

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Aural Imbalance - Nine Tease EP